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You Belong Here Resources

The National Back to Church Sunday event is powered by invitational resources provided by our partners, Outreach Inc. Please visit their site to get direct mail, personal inviting tools, banners and more!

Over 120 different denominations and affiliations have  participated since its beginning in 2009
The average church sees a 25% increase in attendance on Back to Church Sunday – even small churches
13,399,472 people have been reached through BTCS since 2009
Reported that BTCS helps their church be more outward focused
Respond that having a special day motivated members to invite friends and family.

“Back to Church Sunday is a wonderful way to connect with the community at-large, family, friends, present, and past members. The provided promotion items are very helpful and useful to get everyone excited.”

Sunshine MB Church

“This may be the best thing you can do to jumpstart your church family into new ventures of outreach. It’s biblical, non-threatening and beneficial to the growth of any church.”

Mt Pleasant Baptist Church

“If you are serious about your church reaching out and about reminding your church about the Great Commission, this event is an answer.”

Grand Rapids International Fellowship