Do I have to register my church this year, even if I’ve registered in the past?

Answer: Yes, we are asking all participating churches to register in 2019, even if you have before.
The reason for this is that we are clearing out the past data from the roster, in order to start fresh and ensure
that the most accurate information is displayed for those looking for a church to attend. Click here to add your church.

How do I organize a city-wide effort for Back to Church Sunday in my community?
Answer: Mobilizing a network of church leaders in your own city can yield amazing results! Learn
more about city-wide outreach here.
What is an “Engager” and how do I get them free?

Answer: In partnership with Every Home for Christ, we have developed a proven, relevant method your
church can use anytime, anywhere in your city to reach the lost for Jesus. These modern-day tracts can be customized
with your church’s information, and can be used as an easy on-ramp to engage anyone in a conversation that leads to
Christ’s story, from neighbors and coworkers to strangers that your members may encounter in their everyday
routines. In 2019, there are two designs to choose from and both come in English and Spanish. You can get the Engagers by registering your church for Back to Church Sunday.

How do I set-up a Back to Church Facebook page for my church?

Answer: First, you will need to create a personal Facebook account and then set up a business page.
Once you have set up your church page just follow the steps on Facebook to upload images and information about
your church. Once you have your page setup you will be able to post information about how your church is involved
with Back to Church Sunday by creating an event.

How do I follow-up with visitors who attend on Back to Church Sunday?

Answer: The 2019 Back to Church Sunday Event Kit includes a three-week sermon series so you can keep visitors coming back in the weeks after September 15.Also, sending a personal note from the pastor or key staff member is a good way to follow up and keep the connection going. 

How many weeks does it take to plan a Back to Church event?
Answer: We recommend starting your planning six weeks in advance. If you find that you are running
short on time you will want to make sure that your event is successful by placing your order for custom postcards 4
weeks in advance or select DIY resources 3 weeks out and then you’ll have the advantage of the pre-event hype the
two weeks preceding the September event.
We have weekend services. How can we apply Back to Church Sunday to Saturday?

Answer: You can customize your Back to Church Sunday invitations, posters, banners and church
resources with Saturday or Weekend. Visit this
page to customize resources online or call our customer service department at 1-800-991-6011 and
speak with our team about creating customized resources for your church.

From where are the statistics used for Back to Church Sunday acquired?
Answer: Back to Church Sunday partners with Lifeway Research. Lifeway provides research for church
leaders. LifeWay Research uses proven methods of sampling that ensure that the various audiences they frequently
describe reflect their population. When they utilize “panels” (individuals who have agreed to participate in
surveys), they have ensured that the invitation to participate in the panel has previously been extended to all or a
randomly selected subset of the population they are seeking to survey. Surveys conducted by phone or mail are
conducted with random samples selected at the time of the survey. For more information visit
Lifeway Research.
When is Back to Church Sunday?
Answer: Back to Church Sunday is always celebrated on the third Sunday of September each year in the
How can I get the tools I need to host a Back to Church Sunday campaign at my church?

Answer: At Back to Church Sunday we offer
church resources to help you get started. The greater your preparation the greater results you’ll
have and the Church Kit will help you start planning Back to Church Sunday. The kit contains a campaign planning
guide, sermon outlines, posters, invitational tools and promotional videos and lots of other great tools! Visit the

Do I have to hold my Back to Church Sunday service on the national date?

Answer: You may host your event any day that works for you – although there is momentum and
excitement around churches participating on the same day, you are free to have it on a day that works best
for your church. 

Is the Church Kit available digitally?

Answer: Yes! The church kit is available to be purchased as a
digital download rather than a printed kit – click here.