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Church Involvement

Reach more people and grow your church.
Create a lasting culture of outreach by equipping your members to be inviters.

How to Get Started

Put Your Church on
the Roster- FREE
Click here to add your church to the roster. People will be looking for a church to attend--make sure they can find yours! When you register, you’ll get access to the FREE 2017 Planning Guide, full of tips and ideas to help you make this your biggest outreach possible.

Start Planning -
Get the Church Kit
We can't emphasize enough that being prepared for Back to Church Sunday is just as important as hosting it. Get a FREE 2 x 6' BTCS stock vinyl banner when you order the kit during the registration process. The kit includes eight new videos, a customizable sermon, web and social media graphics, and loads of ideas and tips to help you prepare and promotional tools such as posters, media communication templates and other samples. Churches who have used the kit report an average attendance increase of 22% on that day!

Get Your FREE
We’ve partnered with Every Home for Christ to bring you these modern-day tracts to make Back to Church Sunday outreach easy! These can even be customized with your church information.

Empower Your Members to Invite Your Community to Attend
Your members are your most effective outreach tools, so make sure they know that your church is participating in National Back to Church Sunday and equip them to become inviters with resources such as InviteCards and DoorHangers. You’ll also want to cast a broader net by sending a direct mail postcard invitation, posting a banner outside your building and then letting your local media channels know about your event. See our Resources page for tools and ideas.

Plan a Follow-up Series and Small Groups to Connect Visitors
Keep your visitors coming back with a 4-week campaign to help people discover the real evidence for the foundation of the Christian faith, Jesus’ death and resurrection! The Case for Christ Movie Experience includes a sermon series and small group study that explores the evidence for Christianity as told in the true story by author and former atheist, Lee Strobel. When you put your church on the map, you can get the BTCS Church Kit/The Case for Christ Movie Experience Combo Kit with a FREE BTCS banner! Learn more about this follow up campaign here.