FREE Back to Church Kit

Compassion Sunday Edition

Back to Church Sunday and Compassion International are joining efforts to help churches grow followers of Christ. Get your FREE Back to Church Sunday kit when you agree to host a Compassion Sunday at your church this fall.

By ordering this kit, you agree to have Compassion International contact you to set up your Compassion Sunday. Quantities limited.

The Back To Church Sunday kit Includes 8 new videos (a $140.00 value) and it’s normally priced at $69.95.

This offer is valid for churches in the United States only; offer valid to churches who have never received a Back To Church Sunday Compassion kit before.

What is Compassion Sunday?

Compassion Sunday is an event to enrich your church’s mission strategy by connecting each congregant to the developing world. Each family has an opportunity to follow Christ’s example of compassion by sponsoring a child, and this act of faith impacts children for Christ–locally and globally.

Compassion International and Back to Church Sunday join efforts to help churches grow followers of Christ.

“The one-to-one child/sponsor relationship is significant-for the child as well as for the sponsor.”
Dr. Stacy Spencer, Senior Pastor, New Direction Christian Church, Memphis, TN