The excitement is building. Over 11,000 churches across America will be hosting a special Back to Church Sunday service this coming weekend! Imagine how many people will hear the Good News and discover hope and love at a local church!

Here at Outreach we are praying for each of you – that God will bring many visitors to your church and that many people will come to know Jesus this week.

There are only a few days left before your event. But you can still spread the word and get ready to welcome visitors here are some last minute tips:

  1. Continue to spread the word on social media. Post the You Belong Here Invite video to your social media sites and encourage your congregation to share it with their friends and family online too.
  2. If you don’t have a 2018 Church Kit – you can still download the Digital Kit to get all the videos and a planning guide you can use to quickly put some best practices in place.
  3. Prepare invitations for your follow up series – Download the new Chosen four-week sermon series on identity in Christ if you still need help.
  4. Welcome everyone to your church on the day of your event with a powerful welcome video. This will welcome visitors and reinforce to members that your church is truly a place to belong. Consider showing the Welcome to Church – Everyone video at the very beginning of your service.
  5. Host a time of prayer with your staff and ministry leaders – ask God to bring in visitors and to open their hearts to the Gospel while expanding your reach in the community.
  6. Share your pictures, stories and results – We would love to hear how your event goes – or better yet, see pictures or videos!  Please share your stories with us – we love to hear stories of life change, how many visitors you have and how you used your resource tools to connect with your community. You can even get 15% off your next order – just post your stories to the Back to Church Facebook group or to #outreachstories on social media or email us at!  

Also watch for a follow up survey to help us improve next year! We pray this event will be powerful in reaching your community for Christ!