These days, evangelism and witnessing are some of the most challenging aspects of Christianity. For many believers, finding a way to share the Gospel or even invite someone to church can feel intimidating — so much so that many Christians struggle to accept their role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

So, how can you encourage your congregation reach out and share their faith? Provide them with Engager Invitations. Engagers are printed literature tools designed to help believers spark meaningful conversations about Jesus with just about anyone.

Here’s how they work:

Your congregation can use Engagers as an easy on-ramp to engage neighbors, coworkers, friends, and even strangers in a conversation about Christ. As the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of recipients and they begin to think more about faith, they can use the details provided in the Engager to seek further information.

In fact, their Engager will direct them to a website that matches the theme and content of the printed piece they’ve received. These websites contain enhanced written content and video that offer recipients a chance to explore more of the Engager story at their own pace.

Finally, Engagers have space on the back panel to include information that is custom to your church. You can include your church web address, service times, and a phone number — all things that help recipients know your church is an open, friendly place where they are welcome to learn about and explore faith.

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